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Giant Schnauzer

Pet quality pup with a fault

$1000 uncropped / $1600 cropped
+ tax if picked up at the ranch

$1000 uncropped / $1600 cropped
add cost of Crate + health certificate + airfare

Quality pet, male or female

$1300 uncropped / $2000 cropped
+ tax if picked up at the ranch

$1300 uncropped / $2000 cropped
add cost of Crate + health certificate + airfare

The pick of the litter

$2300 uncropped / $3000 cropped
+ tax if picked up at the ranch

$2300 uncropped / $3000 cropped
add cost of Crate + health certificate + airfare

Pet pup with a fault - as overbite, only one descended testicle, or a runt, too small etc.

Quality pet, male or female - Not the pick of the litter, but the pups right behind it. In other words, if you would like to show this pup he will be good enough quality and, except for a judge trained in seeing structural faults, no one can differentiate these pups from the champions.

The pick of the litter - or the pups we feel are extra special and are reserved for people who want to show, breed, or those who want the very best. We feel very strongly that only the very best should be bred and we are very strict in our grading. If you want to buy one in this category we guarantee he will get a championship, provided he is groomed, conditioned, and handled properly. We may grade only one or two in any litter as top show, sometimes there are none.

We do sell our pet females with a spay contract, or if you prefer not to spay, we do sell our pet pups under AKC's Restricted Breeding Registration. Both will be lifted if you finish the championship on the female. Just send us a copy of the AKC championship certificate.

We guarantee every one of our dogs in writing and stand behind their quality. All our pups are bred for good looks and disposition here at SKANSEN. All dogs shipped out of state are shipped from San Francisco. We can ship the pup to you any Wednesday. If you want your pup any other day, we can hire a service for an additional $150- $200, to take your pup to the airport. Airlines do not accept dogs on weekends, and as we live very far from San Francisco International airport, we plan it for the one-day a week. See price of pups above, if you prefer ears uncropped, deduct $100. You may pay with VISA, MasterCard or American Express over the telephone or send a check or money order to the kennel. It takes a week for us to receive any letter, as we are in the country. Please call or write if you would like more information. If for any reason you do not like your pup, please return ASAP (within 30 days). A full refund will be paid except for shipping and health certificate charges.


For those of you who have bought pups from us in the past you will notice a change of policy in our pricing. The reasons are many but mainly the airline policies which drastically change from month to month it seems. Years ago we just dropped off the dog at the airport, paid a set price and no problems. Today in the year 2001 many airlines will not accept dogs unless you are a frequent shipper which cuts out those who liked to come and pick up their own pup. Also, there are strict weather controls-so if the temperature in your area is 85 degrees plus or 40 degrees and below no airline will accept a live animal. Prices fluctuate from city to city and from airline to airline. In fact, when we ship these dogs we almost feel like we have to beg to get the dog on a flight even if we have to pay in some cases more than a passenger would pay for the same trip. However, we are used to dealing with the road blocks and have the experience as to which airline is best to use to most destinations around the world. So to make it fair for everyone- each puppy buyer will pay for his pup plus exactly what it will cost to ship the pup to his city. Attached are some of the costs to give you a general idea.

For all dogs to be shipped they need a crate. We use the airline approved Vari Kennel, which is a solid crate and can be reused for years-so remember to take it home form the airport as it belongs to you. These are the sizes:

#100-very small for Mini pups $50
#200-small for Standard pups $60
#300-medium for most Giant pups $70
#400-large for Giant pups 41/2- 6 months $80
#500-extra large for adult Giants $90

These are wholesale prices including tax. The airline charges shipping by volume so we try to use the smallest possible kennel to save on shipping.
All pups will be checked by our veterinarian before being shipped-she has the final say. Her cost is $50 which includes the health document required by the airline plus a rabies vaccination if required by your state. Most states require it. If you are located in another country the charge for health certificate will be approximately $100.

Finally, there is the cost of shipping itself which truly varies depending on which airline, where the pup is going and the size of the crate. We will bill you the exact price a few days before shipping but if you’d like to find out for yourself just call the airline you know flies to your area-tell them you’d like to know the exact shipping cost from San Francisco International airport to your city and if you tell them the size of the crate they will give you the price.

We find that the best airlines to use out of San Francisco are Delta, United, U.S. Air, Alaska Airlines, and Continental. We can also ship your pup collect (only covers shipping costs) if you prefer-except with airlines like Delta. If you use Delta Dash which is special fast handling in connecting cities or U.S Air PDQ those two services have to be pre-paid. However, we will take care of everything, make the booking, drive to the airport, call and give you all the info and then charge your credit card as soon as we know the actual cost.

Contact Information
  Sylvia Hammarstrom
    P.O. Box 400
    Sebastopol, CA 95473

    Phone: (707)795-7070
    Fax: (707) 795-4869

    Email: info@skansen.com

For More information on Skansen and our Pepper Salt Giants please fax, email, or call. Give us your name, address, & what kind of dog your looking for. We will send you our free packet of information / audio tapes to better inform you about Skansen and the Pepper Salt Giant.

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